Friday, December 13, 2013

Five + Things I Learned And Used From Dear and the Community in 2013 (So Far)

It all started during Roots Tech this year.  Caught all of Dear Myrtle's YouTube video-casts.  Since then, there have been MANY really informative and useful G+HOA's, occasionally live but most often from the archives on YouTube.  It is clear that each G+HOA involves a great deal of planning and preparation.  It occurred to me that I should review what I learned as this year closes, and when I did, the sum of it all was remarkable.  All of this has been useful and it has rewarded me with confident and productive genealogy.  
  1. Technology applications:  Dropbox, Feedly, Evernote
  2. Google+HangoutsonAir and the You Tube for more learning (lots more to learn)
  3. Citations standards in Mastering Genealogical Proof (ditto); working hard on this.
  4. Worldcat, Allen Public Library, tinyurl,, etc.(already used Google eBooks)
  5. National Archives, land records, cluster searches, FAN searches, wills, probates
AND, Other People Value Inferential Genealogy as I do!  I have great appreciation of the generosity of collaborators who share their facts, knowledge and passion.

Goals for 2014:
  • Continue improving citation quality (and cleanup)
  • Begin working with Evidentia 
  • Dramatically improve organization beyond offline (paper vs. digital)
  • Use a database program (cleanup from earlier multiple sync problem first)
  • Make more on site visits for research and proof
  • Build a foamboard "scanner" frame
  • Demolish more brick walls
  • Get a new printer to permit printing from iPad 
  • Blog as a tool for collaboration and querying
Thanks DearMyrtle, Cousin Russ  and the entire community!  I look forward to every G+HOA and watch each episode on YouTube.