Saturday, March 26, 2016

The 1955 Ryder Easter Egg Hunt - A Quest For The Gold Egg

Jim Finnegan 's 8mm movie camera was busy on Easter 1955!  At the Ryder's Rockbrook Boulevard house that Easter, there was an egg hunt with a special prize for finding the egg with the gold cross.   Easter must have been late in 1955 because the yard was in full bloom, no one wore a coat and there was a pretty stiff breeze which otherwise might have required coats.  Such beautiful dresses on the mothers and daughters! 

Unfortunately, I cannot recall hearing the other event details about who dyed the eggs, who made the little white purses to save the eggs, who hid them or what the special prize was.   It would be a fair guess that it was Bernie but I cannot remember which year she went to college at Mount Loretto in Colorado.  She was not included in this footage.  It could have been that handsome, fast moving Uncle Tommy who appeared briefly.   My guess is that the prize was a small amount of cash because there was so much other candy around then. I have a vague recollection of quarters, probably a tidy sum in 1955 but I am not sure which eggs had that prize. 

This video has not been time stamped or added names, but I will do that if you wish. 

Here are a few other notes: 

•Womens' hair styles were quite a bit shorter than in previous years!

•I cannot identify the owner of the red car in the driveway.  Can you remember?  

•The couple in the blue sedan which backed out of the driveway was Jim and Jeanne Ryder.  Nice hat.    There were cars parked up on the street and one was our new dark green Ford sedan.  

•There were no Quinns in the video and I am not sure if they were just too young or had moved.  Any ideas?

•I count 11 cousins in this one.  Correct?

I (finally) learned how to split the video clips and I did edit this.  An earlier part was from Katy and Jim Finnegan's apartment Easter morning and a later part was exterior footage of Jim and Jeanne Ryder's Bellevue Blvd. house.   I will post that soon because part of it may have been Rockbrook Blvd. and part Bellevue Blvd.  Both had deep sloping backyards and many trees.  You may be able to tell. 

Happy Easter everyone!