Monday, May 29, 2017


In celebration of Memorial Day, 2017, honoring the military service of Azariah Rider.  

Frank T. Ryder's grandfather Azariah Rider was a veteran of Company F of the 95th Illinois Infantry.  He was buried in Floyd Cemetery in Sioux City, Iowa.  He was a married farmer from McHenry County, Illinois in 1862, so his wife Mary J. Jacobs and his year old son Fred Rider remained at home.  

Headstone of Azariah Rider in Floyd Cemetery, Grand Army of the Republic section, Sioux City, Iowa

A complete narrative history of Azariah's unit was written by one of the officers immediately after the war, before the unit was returned home and while still in active service.  The book is available as a free ebook at Google Play Books.  It can be accessed at:  History of the 95th Illinois Infantry

Source:  A History of the Ninety-fifth Regiment, Illinois Infantry Volunteers: From Its Organization in the Fall of 1862, Until Its Final Discharge from the United States Service, in 1865

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Company F fought at for General Ulysses Grant at Vicksburg, dozens of other battles and was at Mobile as hostilities ended.  Azariah is included among the discharged privates returned to Springfield, Illinois and then back to McHenry County.  Many others who left with his unit died in battle or of some other illness.

An extensive summary of the unit's military experience is included in Illinois in the Civil War Archive.  The source of the summary is based on a book, originally published in 1908, by Frederick Dyer and it is available at: A Compendium of The War Of the Rebellion by Frederick Dyer

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Timothy McCarthy Family Names and Dates

These are the birth and death dates for the family of our great-great-grandfather Timothy McCarthy and his daughter, Mary McCarthy, her son Frank Thomas Ryder and his siblings:

Timothy McCarthy 10 Jan 1936- 23 Mar 1921
Jane Anna Scott 17 Mar 1846-13 Mar 1923
Fred Ryder 28 Jul 1861-17 Apr 1923
Mary McCarthy 10 Jun 1868-15 Dec 1928
Benjamin Ryder 3 Jul 1884-17 Jun 1915
Frank T. Ryder 13 Oct 1889-7 Oct 1957
Anna Ryder 23 June 1894-29 Sep 1990
Margaret Ryder 1 Nov 1898-Mar 1976