Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Re-Post: Ryder Family Videos by James J. Finnegan Vol. 1 Title 1

This is a second attempt to get the You Tube video to open.  This is almost 16 minutes long.

In addition to research, photos and personal recollections, there is a video record of our Ryder family which was created by Jim Finnegan with his 8 mm camera in the 1950'sand 60's (often with a light bar on the top of his camera as I recall, leading to some eye-shading and giggles).  I am not certain that these are in correct date order but it's apparent from the children's ages what approximate dates each was taken.

The film was transferred several years ago by Kathleen Finnegan Hiatt from 8mm tapes to DVD's and in January, 2016, by the Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York video service DiJiFi to .mpg4 format videos.   They are uploaded to a YouTube Channel and the permanent link is inserted below.

With the permission of the Finnegan cousins, here is the first of the videos. This is my first experiment with YouTube and I know the link below works.  It is possible that ads and or music may pop up.  If I can find out how to avoid them, I will repost  This is the method I could find for videos over the 100 MB limit on Facebook.  Click on your screen with a mouse or finger with tablet or smartphone and a slider appears which will allow you to drag ahead to a specific location.

This is our family and people related to them and the places, parties and times of the 1950's and 1960's.

Time Stamp List:

Ryder Family Videos by James J. Finnegan
Title 1, Vol 1

Start Maureen Finnegan
0:17 Katy Ryder Finnegan and Maureen's breakfast
0:31 Bath in the kitchen sink
0:53 Walking her doll, reading a book, toys, toy phone
1:30 Dressed up for reading
2:06 Dial Phone
2:27 Old Fashioned snow suit with mittens on a string
2:42 Waving Goodbye
2:48 Fast asleep
Christmas at Rockbrook
3:15 Presents under basement tree, Knotty Pine family room
3:35 The Big Table, food, pie, utensils for a big crowd
3:44 Ruth Gearen Ryder making a plate for Frank
3:50 Katy Ryder Finnegan 
3:54 Bob Wear, Jeanne Walden Ryder, Tommy Ryder
4:00 Frank Ryder and John Ryder
4:06 Bernie Ryder
4:10 Patty Ryder Quinn
4:14 Franny Ryder Wear, Tommy Ryder, Ruth Gearen Ryder
4:25 Tim Quinn
4:29 Jim Ryder joking
4:30 Jim Wilmes and Peggy Willmes
4:38 Mary Ryder Wilmes 
4:43 Presents!  Ruthie Wear, Susie Ryder, Sherry Wilmes
4:50 Tom Ryder, Tim Quinn
4:54 Bobby Wear, Franny Wear, Katy Ryder Finnegan
4:59 Connie Wear, Sherry Wilmes
5:03 Tim Quinn, Tom Ryder, Ruthie Wear
5:12 Peggy Wilmes, Mary Ryder Wilmes
5:16 Sherry Wilmes, Ruthie Wear, Connie Wear
5:24 John Ryder, Jim Ryder, Jeanne Walden Ryder, Frank Ryder
5:28 Ruth Gearen Ryder, Mary Ryder Wilmes, Jim Wilmes
5:30 Jack Quinn
5:35 Bernie Ryder
5:40 Ruth Gearen Ryder
5:41 Jim Wilmes
5:43 Tommy Ryder
Frank Ryder and Ruthie Wear
5:54 Ruth Gearen Ryder gets a beautiful lamp with a bow
6:06 Franny Wear
6:07 Bob Wear, Connie Wear
6:09 Jim Ryder, John Ryder, Susie Ryder (?)
6:11 Franny Ryder Wear , Jeanne Walden Ryder
6:13 Bob Wear, Jeanne Walden Ryder
6:15 Mary Ryder Wilmes 
6:17 Jack Quinn
Bernie Ryder, Katy Ryder Finnegan, Patty Ryder

Christmas at Finnegans' apartment
6:41 Red Wagon
6:45 Sled
6:49 Many toys
Maureen pretty in pink
Straight to Raggedy Ann doll
Geraldine Finnegan, Maureen, Grace Finnegan
Stroller, Katy and Geraldine return from Christmas Mass?
8:22 Lovely dinner table at Mrs. Finnegan's
Grace, Mrs. F., Geri and Maureen, Grace, Jim Finnegan, Maureen
9:25 Easter Lillies, Basket and Bunny
Beautiful dress and dancing
Jeanne Walden Ryder
10:40 Jim Wilmes
10:54 Frank Ryder
10:58 Patty Ryder Quinn
11:04 Unknown, Bernie Ryder, Patty Ryder
11:07 Jim Ryder and Jeanne Walden Ryder
11:12 Mary Ryder Wilmes and Jim Wilmes holding Laurie Wilmes
11:15 Jack Quinn
11:21 John Ryder , Peggy Wilmes
11:26 Tom Ryder
11:28 Sherry Wilmes
11:29 Susie Ryder
11:30 Susie Ryder
11:30 Ruth Gearen Ryder
11:36 Frank Ryder - Where did he get that shirt?
Katy Finnegan
Unclear, Twitty their dog!, Many aproned women
11:45 Unclear - Ruthie Wear, Sherry Wilmes
11:50 Laurie Wilmes
11:53 Bobby Wear
11:56 Connie Wear, Peggy Wilmes
11:59 Ruthie Wear
12:01 Susie Wear in white gloves
12:05 Maureen, Laurie Wilmes + tumbler from home delivery cottage cheese
Peggy Wilmes, Connie Wear
12:21 Laurie Wilmes
12:28 Tommy Ryder stopping someone very small in a corner

Spring Tulips - Easter?  
The Rockbrook Neighborhood Post
The Purple Mercury 
The house, green and white striped awnings, yard in full bloom
13:26 Maureen running through the yard
13:31 John Ryder, Maureen Finnegan, Tom Ryder, Susie Ryder, Wears?
13:41 Tommy Ryder, Connie Wear
13:45 Freank with Tom Ryder and John Ryder
13:59 John Ryder, Ruth Gearen Ryder, Franny Ryder Wear
14:03 Susie Ryder
14:08 Ann Walsh
14:20 Franny leaving
14:26 Jim Finnegan with Maureen Finnegan
14:41 Maureen with stroller in the driveway
14:53 Tom Ryder takes a stroller
15:00 John Ryder
15:04 Jim Finnegan and Maureen
15:09 Jim Finnegan inspecting and admiring roses
15:18 Katy Ryder Finnegan and Maureen Finnegan
15:21 Jack Quinn holding Tim and Patty with Christine Quinn
15:36 Tim and Christine with Jack's help
15:45 Tim Quinn
15:51 F.T. Ryder Mailbox - 1506
The End

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