Thursday, December 22, 2016

Frank T. Ryder Family Summary and Timeline

Perhaps this summary will make it easier to follow this summary describing Frank's family terms:

Frank Thomas Ryder (1889-1957)
     Father:  Fred Ryder (1861-1923)
     Grandfather:  Azariah Rider (1836-1895).
     Grandmother:  Mary Jane Jacobs (1837-1914)

     Great-grandfather:  Thomas J. Rider (1812-1880)
     Great-great-grandfather: James Rider (1777-1828)
     Great x3 grandfather:  William Rider (1730-?)

      Grandmother:  Mary Jane Jacobs (1837-1914)
      Great-grandfather: Norman J. Jacobs (1811-1891)  
      Great-grandmother: Sophronia Abbott (1816-1899)

      Great-Great-grandfather:  Aaron C. Jacobs (1781-1855)
      Great x3 grandfather:  Johnathan Jacobs (1745-1822)

     Great-grandmother: Sophronia Abbott (1816-1899) - Details in a future post

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