Thursday, August 15, 2019

Bridge For Ruth Gearen Ryder

Happy Birthday Grandma!  Ruth was born this day in 1882, very memorable every year, of course,  because it is the Feast of the Assumption.

Recently, I accessed a very sizable collection of newspapers through for the entire Sioux City Gearen Family and some related Chicagoans, as well. Among them, I found the following entries, now transcribed to be easily read.  Clearly, the Social Calendar was a printed equivalent of many social media platforms of today!

I had no idea that Ruth, her sisters and friends ever played bridge so this was a charming discovery. At least for a time, it was clearly a popular social pastime.

Of course, you probably all remember that my mother Mary and her sisters Franny, Katy and Patty and their husbands and friends played often over many years, together and in clubs with friends.    Perhaps the attraction of the game had waned for Bernie and Tommy’s friends?  

Social Calendar

Sioux City Journal (Sioux City, Iowa). 14 Jun 1927, Tue.  Page 7

Miss Marie Gearen entertained members of her bridge club at he home Saturday evening as a courtesy to her sister, Mrs Frank T. Ryder of Omaha.  After several rubbers a dainty luncheon was enjoyed.  

Sioux City Journal (Sioux City, Iowa). 22 June 1927, Wed.  Page 9

Mrs. C. J.  Brennan will be hostess of a company of friends at her home this evening complimenting Mrs Frank T. Ryder of Omaha.  Bridge which will form the pastime will be terminated by the serving of a luncheon.  Mrs. Walter Hammerstrom presided over a similar occasion for Mrs. Ryder on Monday evening.  

Sioux City Journal (Sioux City, Iowa). 28 June 1927.  Page 7

Mrs. Frank T. Ryder of Omaha, who is visiting relatives in the city, is being entertained at a series of informal social courtesies.  Monday, Mrs. B.J. Noonan was her hostess at luncheon and this evening Miss Annamae Nolan will compliment her at bridge.  Mrs. H.J. Meyer will entertain at bridge for Mrs. Ryder and Mrs. J.A. Walsh will preside over dinner and bridge in her honor Friday evening.  

Sioux City Journal (Sioux City, Iowa)   29 Jan 1927, Wed Page 9

Bridge for Mrs. Frank T. Ryder – Mrs. H.J. Meyer

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